About Cimplicity

Cimplicity is a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that delivers easy-to-use options to create an engaging online experience. Cimplicity’s unique blend of powerful marketing and web applications, rich development support and scalability make it the ideal solution for leading websites. From entry level to large enterprise class organizations, creating and continuing to provide your users with a compelling web experience has never been as easy or as exciting.

Cimplicity is successfully used by hundreds of organizations, from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to professional service businesses to retail operations. As a leading web content management solution, Cimplicity delivers critical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities that are missing from many off-the-shelf products available today.

The easy-to-use interface was designed with the business user in mind. Users are empowered to own their site content – eliminating the need for IT to step in whenever an update to a website page is needed.

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Cimplicity Platform and Applications

Keeping your company efficient saves you money

Websites and applications can be among an organization’s most valuable assets. But to maximize that value, the content must be dynamic, relevant, accurate, and most importantly contain current product information, press releases, investor information and internal communications. Many types of content need frequent updating while still adhering to the compliance and branding requirements of your organization.

Posting changes to your website or applications can be time consuming and demanding, and often distract from other high-priority activities. These continued demands, and sometimes resulting delays, can become costly. To consistently get information onto your website and applications in a timely fashion without making outrageous demands on any one department, the tools used to manage web content have to be so user-friendly that anyone in the organization can use them. Cimplicity is user-friendly yet powerful enough to allow only the right person at the right time to manage sensitive content.

With Cimplicity, you get a powerful, feature-rich product with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can understand, along with complete integration capabilities and flexibility in deployment through our SaaS offering. You can manage and deliver content to any web interface from virtually any source to ensure the right content is delivered at the right time.