What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System which, possibly stating the obvious, is a system that manages content on a website.

However, it is the obvious nature of what a CMS is and does that has created a degree of confusion among 'would be' users of such a system, and it has created ambiguity regarding products that are marketed as content management solutions.

To fully understand what a CMS does, we have to first define what is content, what it is we understand about its management, and we mean by a system.

What is Web Content?

Content is, in essence, any type or 'unit' of digital information. It can be text, images, graphics, video, sound, documents, records, etc. - or in other words - anything that is likely to be managed in an electronic format.

What is Web Content Management?

Content Management is effectively the management of the content described above, by combining rules, process and/or work flows in such a way that its electronic storage is deemed to be 'managed' rather than 'un-managed'.

What is the CM Platform?

The system itself is definable as a tool or combination of tools that facilitate the efficient and effective production of the desired 'output' using the managed content.

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