Why Cimplicity ?

Cimplicity Content Management Software empowers business users with superior ease-of-use that our clients value and expect. This feature, together with the amount of control that site administrators have, is what makes Cimplicity the right solution for today’s web content manager.

Site administrators can control site structure and content, content work-flow and user access rights, while subject matter experts throughout the organization can update and personalize content for their particular areas. The results are ideal – the right people in your organization own and update web content while maintaining security and a consistent look and feel. No bottlenecks. No unnecessary costs.

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Sound Investment

Cimplicity is at the heart of many cutting-edge websites, ranging in size from small entities to large multi-site organizations. From the beginning, Cimplicity has been structured to scale extremely well, allowing organizations to grow and expand while protecting their investment in time, process and software.

The Bottom Line

Cimplicity’s unique blend of powerful marketing and web applications, rich development support and scalability make it the ideal solution for leading websites. From entry level to large enterprise class organizations, creating and continuing to provide your users with a compelling web experience has never been as easy or as exciting. Cimplicity is successfully used by dozens of organizations, from manufacturing to pharmaceuticals to professional service businesses to retail operations.

Today’s interactive marketplace is competitive and there are more products than ever to utilize for web content management. However, an off the shelf solution, while filling many general roles, simply cannot be tailored to precisely fit every business. Open-source, off-the-shelf “solutions” don’t allow for hand-built applications, custom search tools, integrated SEO platforms, back-end administrative interfaces, and the list goes on. A good developer can retrofit any product, but that will never be as efficient as taking the time to build a custom tool from the ground up. Cimplicity makes that possible.