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Welcome to the Cimplicity Online Help Center where you’ll find information, resources and other helpful information.

Getting Started With Cimplicity

Introduction To The Software >
   Accessing Cimplicity
   Setting up Administrative Users
   Editing Site Pages
   Editing Site Navigation

Cimplicity Software Settings >
   Interface Admin Themes
   Changing/Editing Site Favicon
   Custom 404 Error Pages
   Editing User Profile/Change Password

Advanced Programing With Cimplicity           

Introduction To Advanced Features >
   Assigning Page Titles
   Defining Search Engine Keywords
   Defining Search Engine Meta Descriptions
   Media Browser
   Linking Files

Using The Page Content Editor >
   Editor Options
   Formatting Content
   Find and Replace
   Creating Lists
   Linking and Anchors






Cimplicity Resources

Frequently Asked Questions >
Content Editor Toolbar Icons

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Introduction To Maintenance Plans >
   How To Start a Plan
   What is Covered by The Plan
   Billing Information

Creating Tables/Forms Within Pages >
   Table Cells
   Creating Forms

Creating Select Boxes and Text Areas >
   General Set Up
   Background Images
   Advanced Options