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1. I forgot my password to Cimplicity. How do I reset it?

Resetting your password is quick and easy. Use the "forgot password" link on the login page of Cimplicity. Enter your user name and the system will email you (email provided in your profile) a new random password. Once you are logged into the system, we recommend that you change it to something that you will remember.

2. In the editor I see an option to edit the "bread crumb trail."  What is this?

Most websites feature a bread crumb trail which is a collection of links, usually towards the top of a page, that show the user where they are in the site's structure, in reference to the home page. These links allow the user to retrace their bread crumbs (pages viewed to get to the current page) to easily navigate back and forth to pages within a section.

3. Cimplicity has two editors. Which one should we use?

The Cimplicity software platform has two editor options for your content. Here you can see a sample of each. Please note: not all sites will have the full editor (the full versions are pictured below), so your site's toolbar may contain fewer icons. Both of these editors offer similar features that allow the administrator to edit content quickly and easily without the knowledge of HTML.

TinyMCE Editor
Software tool bar

FCK Editor
Software FCK tool bar

The TinyMCE Editor is a widely used implementable text editor for web applications. It succeeds in providing web administrators the ability to produce content using a management system that can produce dynamic content very quickly for almost any web development language. The FCK Editor is being phased out and will be replaced by the TinyMCE

4. I have updated a page within our site and the fonts and styling do not match the rest of the site.  What is going on?

This is a common issue. Any time that you are pasting content into Cimplicity from an outside source (PDF, Word Doc, Excel etc.) you must plain text paste the content into the editor in order to strip the content of its styling. The plain text feature allows the site's style sheet to apply the proper formatting to the new content. There are three ways to paste content in Cimplicity. All three options will produce a pop-up box in which you paste the content, and upon clicking OK, will be inserted into your content block. In order to remove all formatting and allow the site to format the new content use Plain Text Paste.

  - A standard paste commonly used in other editors that will also transfer text styles.
- A plain text paste which will strip the copied selection of any formatting and styling.
  - A specialized paste option for content copied from Microsoft Word and other similar word processing applications.

5. Does Cimplicity have a find and replace option similar to Microsoft Word?

Yes, these features are available by clicking the icons in the editor's toolbar.

  The Find Tab - This feature gives you a space to enter the selection of text that you would like to search for, with options to start searching either above or below your cursor position, or for case sensitivity.

The Replace Tab - This gives you the same case sensitive search options, but with the ability to change each instance of the search for a word, with a replacement. You can opt to replace the current selection with text of your choice by clicking Replace, or Replace All will replace every instance found within the document. This option proves to be very useful in a large document when you want to quickly and easily change all entries of "Dan" with "Daniel," for instance.


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