Cimplicity Core Overview

As an industry leading web content management solution, Cimplicity Content Management Software delivers critical features and capabilities that are missing from many vendor and off-the-shelf products available today. Explore some of the core features of the Cimplicity platform below. Also take a look at the Web Applications that can be integrated into the Cimplicity platform.


Easy Access Web-Based Tool

Cimplicity is a web-based software program, accessible via the Internet anytime, anywhere with an enhanced user interface that is simple to use.


State-of-the-Art User Interface

The user interface utilizes new technologies for efficient content control (JavaScript for server browsing and Ajax for drag-and-drop features and right-click context menus) blurring the line between your desktop and your browser.


Robust Content Editing

Cimplicity is very intuitive allowing for easy entry and formatting of content without any knowledge of HTML or other web programming. Simply navigate to the page and edit the information online without pop-ups or refreshes.


Administrative User Control

Create unlimited users and assign permissions to the areas that they are allowed to manage. This allows for department ownership of content.


Web Forms

Cimplicity's content manager comes equipped with a flexible web form creation tool that enables you to collect valuable information from your site visitors. The information is stored in a database within the Cimplicity framework.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly CMS

Built-in native SEO with Auto-301 redirects; auto-generated XML site maps; navigation and menu name-based URLs all work together to improve SEO.


Site Navigation Control

Organize your website navigation, create menus as needed and create an unlimited number of navigation links. The site's navigation can be set up as plain text or images.


Rich Multimedia and Custom Attributes

Standard formats are included plus support for rich multimedia including video and image galleries as well as custom attributes.


Real-Time Content Updates

Content contributors are able to publish content directly onto development, staging, or live production web servers.


Customized Widgets

Widgets can be used for slide shows, an image carousel, or holding content to be displayed randomly or one at a time. This dynamic application allows the user to have control over the content they are viewing.


Custom Application Integration*

Cimplicity's dynamic platform allows for custom development of applications to be integrated into websites.


Advanced Web Analytics

Stand-alone web analytics packages can not stand up to the actionable intelligence provided by Cimplicity. Analytic initiatives are more accurate, while content management is faster and more efficient.

   * Requires additional development